We have listed a small number of uses our clients have found for film.



Conference opening: Sometimes a high octane, tub-thumping call to arms.  For others a celebration of the successes of the past 12 months through moving pictures and music.


Conference Close: This is a 'highlights video' of the conference, with key business moments and lots of delegate shots. The aim is to create a snapshot of the conference, capturing both its essence and message.


Vox Pops: These are the talking heads in situ interviews with the 'man in the street' or in this case the office. They help to provide a backdrop to certain topics of discussion and a visual straw poll.


Documentary: A fine and palatable way to convey information in a format the audience will be familiar with.


Background & History: A historical tour of the company through the ages.


Video Newsletter: A short magazine show conveying the latest information about your company.


The Good the Bad and the Ugly:  A series of interviews with customers and competitors. Powerful feedback.