Elaborate flower arrangements, candles, fountains or even ice-sculptures. Whatever your event theme, we can create innovative table decorations to delight and amaze.

Below are some tried and tested centre pieces, but we are always looking to develop new ideas, so call us for an informal brainstorm with our creative staff.

Moulin Red - Feather plumes cascading from a tall vase, lit with a coloured bulb above and tea lights below. Sat upon a mirrored base, creating a shiny, sparkling effect.

Prohibition - Black and white feathers elaborately arranged in a vase, with pearl necklaces and jewels hanging from the rim.

Masked Ball - Traditional candelabra sat on a light reflective mirror base to catch the ‘sparkle’ of the candle light. Decorative masks adorn the candelabra for the final touch.

Wild West - 2ft high cacti in terracotta pots individually painted with Wild West scenes.

Skool Disco - Party bag centre piece with a number of gifts wrapped in a cellophane package and tied up with a school tie.