Bonsoir Mesdames et Messieurs. Welcome to the Parisian Extravaganza, the ultimate den of decadence and most famous cabaret in the world. Tonight and for one night only we open our doors to you. Enter a world of rich cultural profusion of excess and experience the sheer joie de vivre.

The period is 1890, the “Belle Époque” and the location is Gay Paris. Engage all your senses. Feel the ambience, taste the vin rouge, and wander through the dimly lit streets dotted with enchanting outdoor cafes, where you can sip an aperitif to the sound of a lone French accordionist. Approach a stone clad Montmartre entrance to be greeted by Courtesans. 


The expectation of incredible extravagance fills you to the brim as you hear the sound of the Can-Can Girls and the hubbub of merriment emanating from within. 


You will not be disappointed. Bohemians wait to tickle your fancy in this outrageous cultural explosion of dance, music and excitement.


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