Go Bollywood and add a secret Eastern ingredient to your event with this hot and spicy party theme. This sizzling occasion follows the best traditions of Bollywood. It's a colourful and dynamic party that wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. Let the sounds of the sitar, tabla and dagga accompany the kitsch, vibrantly colourful backdrop. So throw on your saris and linen suits and enter into the spirit of Bollywood.

The largest film industry in the world brings with it the biggest personality. With over a billion people to entertain, India's massive cinematic institution calls on a myriad of entertainment - from acting to action, song to dance and colour to sound.

Our Bollywood evening mixes bright vivid colours and materials to create rich surroundings from which you can enjoy brilliantly choreographed and vibrant dances and songs whilst eating deliciously flavoured spiced foods. 

 Indulge yourself in the magic of this VIP evening with a bangra beat.


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