Great for highlighting business lessons and creating team cohesion.  Live out each move of a classic board game in a life-sized way. With steps, ladders, snakes and slides standing between the first and last square, teams face a ruthless 3D gameboard in which only successfully completed questions and challenges can mean progress.  Careful now - one false move and your team could be sliding all the way back to the start.

This is snakes and ladders as you have never seen it before!  We have taken the classic well known board game to a whole new level (and dimension)!

The aim of the game is simple, get from the start square at the bottom of our 3-dimensional game board to the end at the top, avoiding the snakes and climbing those ladders to get ahead of the other teams.

Instead of simply rolling the die, you will need to complete challenges or answer questions to move ahead.  Fail to finish your task or get your question wrong and you will miss a turn.

Have you got what it takes to climb the corporate ladder, be crowned the winner or will you find yourself at the bottom of the heap, having been caught out by one of those pesky snakes? 


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