The eternal battle of real estate rages on. This time it is life-sized and it is your teams who are thrust past 'Go' to collect £200.  With collaborative tasks and challenges deciding the players' next moves, who can collect the most property and amass the greatest fortune?  A no holds-barred game of speculation and accumulation, but just don't argue over who gets to be the car.

The greatest test of speculation and accumulation. Giant Monopoly is just that – an oversized version of the classic board game, where only the ruthless and determined succeed.

Dedicated ‘bankers’ and estate agents will ensure the game runs smoothly and there are no arguments over who gets to be the car or if the opposition is hiding a spare £500 note. There will be team questions and challenges to face at each square of the board - including the construction, against the clock, of houses and hotels.

Help to build your team’s real estate empire and tactically take over the town, driving the opposition into bankruptcy. 

Pass go, collect your share of the spoils and avoid being sent to jail – who can exercise property power and gain the true monopoly? 


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