A versatile theme, you can go for a sedate wheel allowing breathtaking views across your festival and fairground…. Alternatively you can go for a super-fast big wheel and whizz round at the speed of sound scaring the socks off everyone.

The big wheel may well have started its life in the fairground, but it has now very much become a symbol of the UK with many major cities adopting one as a feature in the centre of town. London of course is no exception with an amazing example of this awe inspiring creation on the banks of the River Thames: the London Eye. 


Well, now it’s your chance to bring this clever piece of engineering to your event. I don’t mean the London Eye… we could never move that! But we can bring you one of ours and the advantage of our big wheels is that you can decide whether you want it to provide colleagues, friends or guests with a gentle ride taking in the panoramic view of your event, or whether you want it to race around forwards and backwards, over and over and generally scaring the hell out of everyone who jumps onboard.


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