Fast cars, dangerous women and plenty of firepower. A James Bond action day provides guests with the opportunity to experience life in the secret service.  A host of driving, shooting and espionage challenges await the teams, aided by beautiful Bond girls and boys.  Anything could happen.  What is certain however is that skill, communication and a steady nerve will be needed by teams to earn their '00' status!

 With evil warlords planning to hold Britain to ransom, the future of democracy as we know it rests with the British Secret Service. The Director General of the MI6 agency has a plan however, and 'M' outlines this to the Prime Minister: 


A band of budding '00' agents are tasked with taking down the warlords and restoring peace.  To triumph, these teams face a barrage of gruelling challenges. Guided by gorgeous Bond girls and guys, the teams will quickly realise that the only way to succeed and rise within the ranks of MI6 is to work together and tackle any test like Bond himself - with determination, confidence and sophistication.


Speeding round a circuit in a high powered off road vehicle whilst under fire from enemy spies, using precision sniper skills to eliminate vital targets or racing against time to defuse a devasting explosive device - teams will be tested on a full spectrum of secret service skills.


After the warlords and meglomaniacs have been silenced, it's time to relax - and your team can hit the casino and enjoy some well deserved Vokda Martinis with a Bond Themed Evening.


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