Where team work, cunning and quick wits will ensure your membership to the Self Preservation Society. For a day, weekend or longer; anywhere in the world. Canada is the second largest country in the world and encompasses territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific. As well as the popular image of Canada as a country of pristine forests and snowy vistas, there are also deserts and badlands, temperate rainforests and long, wide beaches. 

Canada offers enormous opportunities for summer and winter sports and activities that are unsurpassed.Our journey will take us north of Toronto to the great outdoor destination of Muskoka, Ontario - where the terrain is rocky and rugged! With over 2,993 square miles of wilderness and an abundance of wildlife, it is a spectacular place to be, and how better to explore it than by canoe? Imagine quietly gliding across a peaceful lake, past nesting loons or grazing moose! To become ‘one’ with the great outdoors, our ‘trapper’ will give tuition on the necessary skills and techniques to survive this wilderness intact.

During the adventure, intrepid explorers will encounter Canada’s wild (vast tracts of land are still untamed!), perfect the art of manoeuvring canoes, navigate the waterways, learn the best way to haul the transport over beaver dams, and establish camp and prepare the camp fire lunch! Our personal guide will teach the skills involved in coyote and wolf tracking, discover why beavers build dams and learn to hunt in the wild! It is quite common to see moose grazing by the edge of the lake! This daring adventure will leave you in awe and wonder!