Surprise and delight your workforce with an all company Christmas getaway trip. With a host of European destinations to select, there really is something to cater for all tastes and budget. From the walled, cobblestoned Old Town of Estonia’s capital, Tallinn; to visiting the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Fair in Odense, Copenhagen, lit up by Christmas lights the streets come to life with markets, food, ice skating and Danish 'hygge'.

Another Christmas favourite is Prague, December is undoubtedly one of the nicest months of the year in this beautiful city. Christmas markets are up, shop windows are bright and beautiful, Christmas trees adorn the town squares and the early dusk is filled with warm light. People are nicer to each other, the mood is festive. And if all is covered in fresh, white snow, what more can you ask for?

Prague at Christmas is a special place, so bundle up and take a stroll. If you get cold, have some hot chocolate at a café, stop by a tea room or buy a cup of mulled wine or grog from a street vendor.

Build the team and celebrate the special joy and excitement of the festive season with your colleagues, in some of our beautiful European cities.