Ahoy there me hearties’! Captain Jack Sparrow and his fellow swashbucklers invite you climb aboard the Black Pearl and set off on a tropical adventure like nothing you have experienced before. Deserted islands, crystal clear waters, white sands…. but beware, Bootstrap Bill Turner and Davy Jones’ crew could be just around the corner; face their challenges or you could be walking the plank! 

The Legend of the Cursed Treasure of Isla Doubloon has been shrouded in a fog of mystery thicker than a particularly slow pirate crew for over a thousand years. 


The legendary Cap’n Jack has organised a gathering of the worst kind of toothless, one-eyed, slackjawed, blubber-bellied miscreants. Some say he’s a back-stabbing lowlife and others say he’s the greatest buccaneer to ever sail the Briney. What is certain is if he speaks of spoils to be plundered, it will be an evening not to be missed. 


Adorn yourself with cutlass, hook and eye patch, weigh the anchor, hoist the main sail and catch a strong head wind due South West to the Caribbean because tonight will be a night of revelry and no one worth his sea salt would miss it.