How will your team rise to the challenge of surviving in the wilds? Shelter building, foraging, fire lighting and purifying water may not be part of their job descriptions, but solving these challenges together provides a fun and practical way to build the team.

Designed to create a strong sense of team work, whilst letting natural leaders build and develop their ability, bushcraft and survival skills allow all participants to develop invaluable and highly transferable future skills.

Select activities to support key messages, enhance team work, build trust, develop problem solving strategies, pool talents, tap co-creativity and deepen a shared sense of trust and creativity. Programmes can range from single or multi-day events, packed with complex, problem solving practical challenges.

• Butchery Skills, Knife Skills & Preparation
• Axemanship, Tracking, Wilderness Navigation
• Shelters - brushwood shelters
• Fire Lighting
• Foraging, basics of water collection and safe water
• Plantlore , Wild Foods and Wilderness Cookery


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