Take to the skies with both feet firmly on the ground. An expert stunt-kite flyer will show you the ropes and teach you how to pull off some impressive moves. Then, presented with an assembly kit, team members collaborate to put their kites together. Which team can have their kite soaring first, and who will be the best stunt-performer?

Following an impressive, jaw-dropping display from our professionals, it will soon be your turn to take to the skies. But first you will need to race to assemble your kite. Will you be the first team to get the frame completed and the guide ropes attached with the right knots?

Once you have got your kite in the air, you will soon be soaring through the heavens with a little help from our instructors. Kite flying is not as difficult as many people perceive it to be, in many respects it’s just like riding a bike! Steer right and your kite will turn right, keep the ‘handle bars’ straight and your kite will continue in the direction it’s going. Once you have got to grip with the basics you will be able to try your hand at some stunts, ending the day with your group putting on a show of your own.

Another kiting activity you may want to try your hand at is kite buggying, under the guidance of our experts drive these light weight buggies around our course by harnessing the power of the wind through a kite. 


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