An exciting cooking challenge in which teams compete to create an award winning restaurant table and serve a 3 course meal that will completely satisfy the judges, with the assistance of expert Chefs.

Can the teams design the perfect restaurant experience and create and serve all 3 courses under great pressure, to budget and on a tight deadline?


After a briefing our expert chefs will rustle up a little inspiration using a pinch of creativity and a dash of experience. Each team will begin by planning and developing an idea and creating the perfect menu – they decide who does creative and who does cooking, organise shopping, ingredients, branding collateral, time management, menu design and of course, choosing the best wine.

With a plan in place the team splits in two, the creative half head to the restaurant and begin working together to create the best table possible, within budget, using the available props and decorations.

The cooking team, with their budget in hand, do the shopping, choose ingredients and begin bringing the three course meal to life, from preparation to finished plate.