Embark on an amazing Street Food journey and cook with our talented, professional chefs as you tour the kitchens with your colleagues. Pick up tips and tricks as you go and enjoy dishes inspired from across the world in an informal dining experience. For the real street food experience visit artisan traders who prepare  and sell their food on the street!


Visit up to 5 different food stations and learn how to prepare the food and glean a new set of skills at each station. The experience can be made competitive with guests having to locate the kitchens with the use of interactive tablets or run in a more relaxed fashion.

SUSHI BAR – Master the maki and nori roll with the freshest of ingredients

SLIDER GRILL – Burger joints are popping up everywhere, here’s your chance to learn how the pros do it.

STEAMED DUMPLINGS – This requires a delicate touch. Steamed in just two minutes and served with a selection of dipping sauces.

CLASSIC CREPES – The ultimate Parisian Street Food! Flip and flambé with the pro chef

SELF SERVICE KEBABS – On the plancha (hot plate), build the kebab of your choice and grill to perfection.

HOMEMADE RASPBERRY ICE CREAM – Learn to make amazing raspberry ice cream in just minutes.

CHURROS AND CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN – Arguably our most popular Street Food dish. Pipe, fry and toss in cinnamon sugar. Under the chocolate fountain, this is unbeatable!