The event commences with Chef briefing the teams  - the challenge to create two or three restaurant quality courses, that will need a written menu and be presented to the Chef to judge on taste, presentation, and creative use of ingredients. Each team is given a cash budget to buy produce from the market, all against the clock of course. Teams will need to research their menus to identify the right suppliers in the market. 

Once back at base, the challenge is to cook  your menu, working well as a team, and writing and presenting a beautiful menu. The team of chefs are on hand to guide teams through the menu to ensure that everything is created in the right order and is ready for service. 

This is a fun and engaging event and everyone will leave refreshed, well fed and watered having spent quality time together, working together and preparing a delicious meal to be shared by all.

The event can be based at different markets nationwide from Portobello Road to Old Spitalfields London, Edinburgh to Southampton.