Challenged to rustle up a selection of exquisite hors d’oeuvres, teams use their own ‘carriages’ to chase ingredients along a trail of food-related contests – all in the hope of cooking up the tastiest fare and becoming culinary conquistadors.

Your challenge: to cook up a storm, aiming for your team to make the most exquisite, delicious hors d’oeuvres possible – but there’s a problem you have only been provided with a very limited selection of ingredients. However, don’t panic, your carriage awaits to whisk you away to gather those key items which will lead to culinary perfection.

Your chosen vehicle, be it a segway, a noble steed (well a donkey) or even a fire engine or helicopter, will transport you off to one of our food related challenges where you will be competing for those essential ingredients – the better your team fare the more and the better quality ingredients you will win. All the challenges have a culinary element to them including: blind tasting (can you guess what you are being fed?), sushi rolling (can you make the perfect makizushi?), hidden marshmallows (can you find the yummy treats camouflaged in bowls of flour without using your hands?) and watermelon shot-put (how far can you hurl your fruit?).

After being briefed by our expert chef, your team will be split into 2 groups – the 1st group will stay in the kitchen learning new cooking skills from the hands of the master whilst the 2nd group jump into their carriages and source ingredients; half way through the groups will swap round. Once all the challenges are completed and you have won all the ingredients, it will be time to come together in the kitchen to create your gastronomic masterpieces!


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