Forage, harvest, prepare, cook and eat wild food from nature’s larder. Using our outdoor kitchen stocked with ingredients to accompany the wild foods, teams use wood fired cooking fires and a clay ovens to help prepare great meals together. 


To begin with groups spend time getting to grips with bushcraft basics from foraging to fire lighting. Their new found skills will be put to good use later as the whole group will have to work together to produce a meal.  Our expert instructors will be on hand throughout to ensure no one will go hungry.

  • Harvest seasonal produce from the farm’s kitchen gardens, soft fruit orchard and collect fresh eggs
  • Foraging, Harvesting, Plantlore , Wild Foods and Wilderness Cookery
  • Butchery Skills, Knife Skills & Preparation (can include trapping, killing & skinning wild rabbits on the farm or simple butchery skills such as sausage making)
  • Fire- simple fire techniques using readily available materials, and introducing how to make up your own fire kit
  • Food and water- looking at local resources, intro to foraging, basics of water collection and safe water