Chain Reaction demonstrates the importance of communication, negotiation, co-operation, inter- and intra-team working and importantly the ‘knock-on’ effect of your actions.

Mimicking company life, Chain Reaction graphically illustrates the benefit of working as one team, why planning is so crucial and why goal setting keeps you focused. 

This is an ideal exercise for groups of 12 to 200 people (more on application). The activity takes place over a period of two to three hours.  During this time the teams are guided along an imaginary path until they realise that they are not, in fact, in competition with each other and that co-operation is the real recipe for success. 

All this is set against a whimsical, mechanical backdrop similar to the 1970s retro board game ‘Mouse Trap’. 

‘Chain Reaction - See The Benefit Of Your Work Coming Together’