Enter the parallel universe of Global Enterprises, a larger than life caricature of the business world. Experience eight years of changing information, decision-making and managing expectation, running a company over two to three hours.


Each company formed has an equal opportunity to survive and thrive. The benefits of planning, delegation and teamwork soon become obvious. 

Bombarded with an avalanche of news bulletins, internet gossip, expert advice and public addresses by the President of Global Enterprises, companies must successfully pick their way through this minefield of red-herrings. The keys are to stay focused on the profit channels, avoid the taxman, adhere to government legislation and keep a wary eye on the bottom line. 

Global Enterprises - A business simulation enabling common pitfalls to be debriefed in a non-threatening environment. 

Suitable for groups of 16 people and upwards, Global Enterprises can be used as a conference break out, an introduction to management and leadership courses or an enhancement to a team building course.



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