“You are the Sleekest Wink…goodbye.” A team game based loosely on the TV show and hosted by our formidable game show host. Answer the quick fire questions correctly and maintain the link in the chain, banking as much money as you can along the way. Who will be condemned to the long walk of shame as your “Sleekest Wink”?

“You are the sleekest wink. Goodbye.”


Are you and your colleagues brave enough to put themselves up against the sharp tongued, chisel faced temptress of the corporate gameshow world? Our Fran Jobinson is a hundred times wittier and a thousand times more fearsome than her television counterpart. 


She will present six rounds of general knowledge. At the end of each round the weakest person will leave the group until two opponents face off against each other. There can be only one winner.


Knowledge battles, mind games, tactics, triumphs and torments... 


Are you ready to play The Sleekest Wink?


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