Pubbing Pastimes

This evening offers a cornucopia of traditional pub games in a relaxed and informal environment; where guests can mix, mingle and play at their leisure. A Pub Games evening also works just as well before or after dinner. Just pick the mix of activities to suit your requirements and create a highly enjoyable night.

For large numbers additional entertainment, specific themes and games can be added (for example - simulators, after dinner speakers, pinball machines, pool tables etc).

A fast and furious ‘table-top’ game where two players compete head to head trying to hit the air-propelled puck into the opponent’s goal. Super fast action requiring hand and eye co-ordination.

Pot the ball with the clock ticking away, and don’t forget to avoid knocking the skittles over.

Available as a single table for 4 players, why not run a league or cup competition?

Wine, cheese, cocktails, cigars, whisky or chocolate – whatever you wish. Blindfolded, will you be able to tell the difference between the various types?

Who can guide the giant metal wand around the electrified course?

Form your teams and take part in a classic pub darts tournament. Aim your arrows well – round the clock. Double top. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!


An oversized version of one of the oldest games in the world.




Could it be simpler? The aim of this game is to get four in a row, using your designated coloured disc. A giant sized version of this classic game.




A 4ft high version of the game. Your aim is to build a tower of blocks as high as possible by carefully removing the bottom pieces and adding them onto the top. Pull out the wrong block and the whole structure collapses.

To get that authentic pub feel we can provide juke boxes so that you can play whatever tunes you want to make your pub night complete.



Table soccer with a difference. Two tables joined together for your teams to play a frantic, mega fun, table version of the beautiful game.

Flip, bounce and bump the ball around the table, flashing lights and sound effects adding to the tension. Watch as this popular game turns into a frenzied race to stay alive and beat the highest score.

Pick your colour, aim your cue, and be the first to pot the Eight-Ball. We can provide pool tables for fun friendlies or for teams to enter in fierce competition.

General knowledge, celebrity trivia, company facts and figures. Choose your teams carefully and then get competitive in a traditional pub quiz. MC’d by our own compère extraordinaire.


Fruit machines, Pacman, Space Invaders or Donkey Kong. Nostalgic pub arcade games to keep you amused all night.

Competitors try their hand at knocking down the pins in our giant 26’ x 4’ alley - extra points available for a strike.

A traditional pub game using nine pins and a ball suspended on a chain. Swing the ball in an arc past the post and knock as many skittles as possible down with two swings. Players compete head-to-head in the best of three rounds.



Move your feet to the rhythm of the beat. Simple enough? Well your feet must also follow the coloured squares, which light up, to score the highest number of points.

Have a go at a variety of traditional English pub games.