Instant Recognition

Ever wondered how you can reward achievement and effort in an innovative, effective way?

We have found a way to fuse the memorable with the entertaining, and wrap the whole thing up with a message of sincere thanks. 

Below are a number of tried and tested methods to add instant recognition, celebration and fun to your office.

Take one sleek red Ferrari and one gorgeous model for a memorable and effective way of rewarding achievement. After all, who can resist the glamorous world of fast cars and beautiful people?


Surprise the winner or winners with a 5 minute holiday, complete with deckchair, Pina Colada, hula girll/boy, music, sun lamp and shades. Alternatively we can arrange for a 5 minute massage for the whole team at their desks.

A truly prestigious recognition of achievement. Bring the office to a standstill for a ‘knighting’ ceremony extraordinaire.

Everyone would love to live the high life and be waited on hand and foot - here is the reward that makes that dream come true. The rewardee will become lord (or lady) of the office for the day whilst their personal butler and/or maid fulfil their every wish.

Grab everyone’s attention in the office as our furry friends ‘Guy the Gorlilla’ and our highwayman turtle ‘Dick Terrapin’ take to centre stage to reward your unsuspecting employee. Guaranteed to raise a few smiles and make an impact.

A couple of comedy Morris Dancers (are there any other kind?) construct a commemorative dance in honour of the great work of your nominated employee. It’s sure to cause a stir and not to be forgotten when they perform it in your workplace.

How about sending in a ‘bona fide’ news crew to interview the ‘employee of the month’. Assemble the crowds, roll out the red carpet, and make them feel like a celebrity.

Gotcha Grams are a means of saying thanks by way of an unusual gesture; they are part kissagram (although generally no kissing occurs!) and part hidden camera show. They are sufficiently entertaining and bewildering in order to get the whole workforce talking and the company viewed in a positive light.

Time to acknowledge the work and efforts of your employee – what better way than staging a picket line around their desk. Sure to get them noticed and get everyone talking!

Imagine the look of surprise on your colleagues faces as they walk into the office and find their desk totally hidden behind a jungle of potted plants! How long will it take them to see the funny side of this weird and wonderful way to say thank you!

Get your employee arrested for doing ‘excessively fine work in a built up area during daylight hours’ or choose the crime of your choice. Our ‘coppers’ will spin out the yarn and cause a scene before delivering the message of thanks to the suspect.

Cucumber sandwiches, chocolate cup cakes, strawberries and cream, sparkling grape juice……let your nominated employee escape the office canteen at lunchtime and provide them with their own picnic table and luxury wicker hamper for a reward to remember.

Imagine the stir when two long haired Quo-a-likes go ‘Rocking All Over the Office’. An impromptu benefit concert for the staff is ‘What we’re Proposing’.