Ice Breakers & Energisers

If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterwards would remember nothing of the experience, would you do it? If not, why not? A fun team exercise where teams discuss topical questions and from their given answers decide on the 5 adjectives that best describe their group.





Not a drum in sight, as the human body provides all the percussion we need to create a highly engaging, upbeat and energetic musical session.




If your brand was a taste – what would it be? If it was a smell, how would you describe it? Could you give your brand a sound or elicit how it would feel? Get closer to your brand and what it represents in this interactive workshop to discover your very own ‘brand essence’.

An energetic ice breaker where quick thinking, creativity and team co-operation are a necessity.  An exercise in lateral thinking and flexibility; what decisions will the teams make as their available resources rapidly diminish?

The whole group don their gumboots and stomp their way through a traditional African dance.  A fantastic way to energise an audience and a great leveller for all involved!



An activity that focuses on the one team ethos. Four teams of blowers, batters and stuffers are challenged to move as many of their team balloons from one side of the room to another. Chaos ensues as teams sabotage each others efforts, but is this really the route to success?

In a blaze of colour and energy the Conductor dramatically enters and takes command of his new colourful orchestra. Everyone has a brightly coloured tuned Boomwhackers, that when struck, produces a note. Building towards a ‘concerto of  Philharmonic proportions’, the conductor will mould the group in seconds… have them on their feet and involved from the word ‘go’. 

Teams take the role of fashion designers with a brief to create the freshest look for the season reflecting key corporate messages or event theme.  Armed only with basic materials and their collective creativity; the challenge is to prepare one team member for the catwalk, complete with commentary.

Itchy, Knee, Sun, She is 1-4 in Japanese. Create energy with this simple activity which harnesses Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to allow people to count to ten in Japanese in five minutes.

Knowledge is a resource that needs to be shared. Handcuffed to your partner by pieces of string, the task is to free yourselves. This activity highlights problem solving, innovation and finally knowledge sharing.




A musical energiser that harnesses the power of African drumming and the effectiveness of group work. This fun and unusual communications medium requires no musical ability, but inspires with a spine tingling finale.

This 3000 year old art is based on the belief that powerful energy lines can be focused to enhance your happiness, health, relationships and prosperity. In this interesting workshop, learn how you can simply and inexpensively enhance your space to boost energy, improve relationships and further your career prospects.





We all have psychological blind spots that make us miss the obvious. With the aid of a remarkable film, this dynamic seminar will teach you how to maximise opportunities in your personal and professional life, become innovative and vastly improve planning and awareness faculties at work.

Discover details, both personal and professional, about colleagues in a frenzy of information gathering. A perfect way to open up conversation and offer a brief glimpse of the person behind the name badge!

Creative teamwork with plenty of lateral thinking involved. Can your team build a human machine that has moving parts, has a name and makes a noise? Great fun watching your team members try to imitate a car wash or a snow plough!

Learn, practice and perfect the most famous dance routine in pop history. Our professional choreographers will take your group through the steps and shapes to become your very own zombie dance troupe. From Michal Jackson’s Thriller to Grease Lighting, we have the tunes to get everyone into the groove.

This 15 minute exercise demonstrates that in order to maximise potential within a team there is more involved than just speeding up. Communication, tolerance, support and coaching all play a part in succeeding in this exercise.

Team building and singing go hand in hand!  It's true – ask anyone who's sung in a choir, the whole experience is less about music and more about teamwork. It's about different types of people all pulling in one direction – harnessing individual skills and collective strength in pursuit of a common goal.

Regarded as a creative and sophisticated art form, discover why origami deserves its present status as an intellectual pursuit and a highly creative and fashionable exercise. After this session you will never look at a piece of paper in quite the same way again!

Learn an invaluable new skill and get to throw your colleagues to the floor in the process!  Perfect as an icebreaker or breakout stress buster; a self defence workshop is an excellent way of building confidence in your staff and lifting morale within the place of work.

Get to know your colleagues, their backgrounds, ambitions and how they may be able to help you – all within a few minutes. The secret is to prepare questions well to maximise each ‘brief encounter’!

Taken from the ancient Chinese methods of breathing and self-defence. The slow and graceful movements in Tai Chi will improve your posture, increase flexibility and leave you breathing more deeply.

As performed by the All Blacks before rugby matches, the Haka is a great way to invigorate and motivate your team.  Test vocal chords and challenge coordination skills in a fun and interactive activity

Engage your audience and encourage communication using pre-recorded footage. Can be used either as a stand alone ice breaker or to incorporate a specific element of a presentation.