Incentive Travel Awards

Experiencing zero gravity, glimpsing the world of law and order, pursuing wonders of the natural world: We have been organising amazing global incentive and reward trips for many years. Add that knowledge to the MotivAction production and event management experience and it gives you an unbeatable worldwide one-stop-shop. 

Possibilities range from the unbelievably luxurious and outrageously thrilling to the educationally mind growing.

All costs are per person, based on a full ground programme with two nights accommodation, flights and all meals. Please call us for an individual quote as final costs are dependent on flights and accommodation at the time of travel.

Egypt evokes a feeling of the exotic, of mystery and of intrigue. Ancient civilisations lie minutes from modern resorts and traditional Bedouin villages offer a warm welcome to those cruising down the world famous River Nile. These tranquil surroundings however belie the mystery and turmoil that you will discover as you board your cruise ship….

Smell the oil, feel the heat of these powerful machines, hear the roar of the engines. Hosted by Robin Donovan, 14 times Le Mans driver, this totally exclusive ‘24 Heures du Mans Challenge’ is the ultimate test of endurance – man against machine! Experience 24 action-packed hours of exciting competitio, Le Mans style!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take on the role of an American Secret Agent working undercover on the bustling streets of Prague. With the help of specialist spy gadgetry you must stay one step ahead of pursuers and draw one step closer to discovering the shocking truth. Expect the impossible………..

Welcome to the most exclusive resort in the world. Mingle with the beautiful people and try to break the bank at the casino. Roll the dice, play Blackjack, spin the Roulette wheel. "Faites vos jeux", "Rien ne va plus”

Take a trip with one of New York’s finest - a retired NYPD Officer will take you on a gangster tour of the city that never sleeps. Patrol the precinct in the pursuit of justice and find out what goes on behind the scenes in the New York Police Department.

Ahoy there me hearties’! Captain Jack Sparrow and his fellow swashbucklers invite you climb aboard the Black Pearl and set off on a tropical adventure like nothing you have experienced before. Deserted islands, crystal clear waters, white sands…. but beware, Bootstrap Bill Turner and Davy Jones’ crew could be just around the corner; face their challenges or you could be walking the plank! 

Ever wonder how astronauts and cosmonauts feel in zero gravity?  On this trip to Moscow you will have the chance to visit Star City, the training centre for Russian Cosmonauts. You will also have the opportunity to meet a famous cosmonaut and take a guided tour of the centre.

Few life experiences can compare with the anticipation felt while standing in the path of a big storm as the darkening clouds commence. Is it the sheer experience of confronting an elemental force of nature, uncontrolled and unpredictable, dangerous and picturesque that will tempt you into joining the team of storm chasers? Are you ready for the twister?

Imagine sitting back and taking in some of Paris’s most splendid landmarks as you glide along the water of the River Seine. You approach the Louvre and there is a shout from the riverbank - a concerned looking policeman orders the boat to stop and you are instructed to leave the boat and go straight to the museum…… 

Opulence, fine food, champagne and breathtaking scenery. A magical experience on the Orient Express, the world’s most famous train.