Land, Sea & Air

A car rally with a difference. Capture the essence of the original 1970s outrageous coast to coast rally race. With your personal fleet of vintage or sports vehicles, undertake your own customised Gumball Rally. Not just for the enthusiast, these cars really are something special.

The ultimate in high octane excitement! Combining land, sea and air action, from tanks and buggies to hovercraft, helicopters and tiger moths - have the most memorable and stimulating day.



Join the yachting jet set and step aboard a stunning 54’ yacht for a day of nautical adventures. 

Left right, left right, left right. ATTENTION!  Welcome to your Military Action Day. Whether full-on Boot Camp or Military Skills Day, the demands are high and the challenge is both mentally and physically testing.

Feel the need, the need for speed - this is a great high velocity, throttle out blast for adrenalin junkies and petrol heads.

Combine breathtaking boats with picture postcard locations and exquisite food and drink and you’ve created the perfect environment for a memorable and fun team bonding experience.  

Imagine a day of sheer exhilaration on a fleet of 8 metre ribs powered by 225HP engines - capable of stunning speeds and yet ultimately controllable in all sea states.

Take in the sights of the tranquil countryside… whilst putting your pedal to the metal and negotiating some of the toughest terrain Britain’s green and pleasant land has to offer.  We will provide you with a fleet of Land Rovers and experienced instructors.

Perfect for team building, with the entire team involved in the exercise of designing and building a raft using logs, barrels, a bit of rope and not much else! Rafts come in all shapes and sizes, and it's only your imagination or creativity. Why not Pimp Your Float with mascots, banners, flags, the choice if endless.

Push your driving skills to the very limit with one of our Rally Sports days. Ever admired the way Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Carlos Sainz throw their cars around at speed? Well now you get to sit in their seat for the day.

Take to the water with a customised MotivAction water sports event. 

Climb aboard for an exciting, fun and action packed sailing day … with a little bit of friendly rivalry thrown in for good measure.

A wake jumping, motor revving, full house dealing marriage between speed and skill. The Sunseeker Poker Run is a high adrenaline hybrid of power boating and competitive card playing.  Race across The Solent to reach different challenges and pick up playing cards.  At the end of the day, play your hand against the other teams in an exicting one off poker game.

Meet your team, jump in a black cab, solve the cryptic clues and reach your secret destination somewhere in London. Whatever you do, don’t finish last! 

For an utterly stunning, traffic stopping experience, nothing comes close to the excitement and immediacy of running these 8m RIB’s at speeds of up to 50mph through Central London.

Nautical thrills on the open seas. Experience the elation and invigoration aboard some of the jet set's favourite water toys. Imagine yourself in a Bond movie or a celebrity in the South of France.