Culinary, Food & Drink


Culinary team building events are some of the most popular and effective employee bonding experiences available. There’s a huge variety of cooking challenges available, from the traditional Bake Off to more inventive cooking challenges such as Foraging & Wild Cooking.


An exciting cooking challenge in which teams compete to bake the most scrumptious sponge!

Which team will be able to handle the pressure and impress the judges to win the ‘Baked-Off’?

Challenged to rustle up a selection of exquisite hors d’oeuvres, teams use their own ‘carriages’ to chase ingredients along a trail of food-related contests – all in the hope of cooking up the tastiest fare and becoming culinary conquistadors.

Our experienced tutor will soon have you nosing like an expert as you compare contrasting wines, champagnes, cocktail or malts to discern their unique characteristics. Tasting formats are endless and we can even tailor one specifically to your event.

Given the option of any job in the world today, how does spending 90 minutes as the boss of your own chocolate factory grab you? Let’s warn you though, it’s not all sugar coated.  We’ll expect you to develop your own product lines, inspire creativity, plan resolutely and, above all, be decisive, perhaps even ruthless!  The world of confectionary is a fine way to escape working life, but recreates its situations and essential lessons. Plan, market, sell, design, package, produce and finally eat your entire range… all this and not an Oompa Loompa in sight. 

Learn how to create the perfect margarita, the tastiest tequila sunrise or the slickest sex on the beach. A fun, interactive team building event that will truly get you mixing and shaking!  

An exciting cooking challenge in which teams compete to create an award winning restaurant table and serve a 3 course meal that will completely satisfy the judges, with the assistance of expert Chefs.

Can the teams design the perfect restaurant experience and create and serve all 3 courses under great pressure, to budget and on a tight deadline?

‘Devil's Kitchen – The Recipe For Success’

Baked-Off with a twist! First get hands on gathering your ingredients from the Farm, including harvesting seasonal fruit, vegetables, collecting eggs from the hen houses and sausage making. Using these ingredients, teams are challenged to create a ‘Taste of the Farm’, a culinary masterpiece to delight the judges and fellow team mates.

Why wait until Christmas?? Teams go head to head to make the most creative gingerbread winter wonderland for a festive shop display.

Master your cooking skills with Italian-inspired pasta and pizza workshops. After being introduced to the event and after a short demonstration by the chef, guests take place at their workstations and get their hands deep in some dough to begin the pasta and pizza making challenge.

The event commences with Chef briefing the teams  - the challenge to create two or three restaurant quality courses, that will need a written menu and be presented to the Chef to judge on taste, presentation, and creative use of ingredients. Each team is given a cash budget to buy produce from the market, all against the clock of course. Teams will need to research their menus to identify the right suppliers in the market. 

Embark on an amazing Street Food journey and cook with our talented, professional chefs as you tour the kitchens with your colleagues. Pick up tips and tricks as you go and enjoy dishes inspired from across the world in an informal dining experience. For the real street food experience visit artisan traders who prepare  and sell their food on the street!

Forage, harvest, prepare, cook and eat wild food from nature’s larder. Using our outdoor kitchen stocked with ingredients to accompany the wild foods, teams use wood fired cooking fires and a clay ovens to help prepare great meals together.