Team Bonding

Teams ‘navigate’ a blindfolded colleague around a course using musical Instruments!
Applications: Team building through trust. 
Likes: Big fields and duck hooters.

Paintball Battles - from hostage rescue to search and destroy. The sport of paintball has become recognised as one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Paintball demands a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit. 

Following a short introduction, teams get the chance to steer their fowl friends around a course with the aid of a dog. Create the right rapport with your dog and master the correct shepherd terminology to send the ducks efficiently through a series of fences, slides and tunnels.

Our expert falconer will introduce you to a variety of birds culminating in a falconry demonstration with client participation.

A selection of winged wonders. An expert falconer introduces various birds and their abilities. The activity culminates with guest participation during a falconry demonstration – have an Owl or a Harris Hawk glide through the air and settle on your fist!


After acquainting yourself with your Gun Dog, you will watch a demonstration by the dog handler and then undergo a brief period of instruction. You will then be ready to guide your dog through an assault course of slaloms, tunnels and walls, it’s a dog eat dog world….

A great way to experience the fun of clay-shooting without the live ammunition. Ideal for people who are slightly nervous about shooting a real gun, or where a venue doesn’t hold a licence for clay pigeon shooting.

Just like the old school playground game, tag, although modernised with laser guns similar to those of Quasar fame.

Dual seated, 195cc twin engines, spin 360° on own axis.

Applications: Team building, standard course or Powerturn Snooker.
Likes: Power slides, wheelies, doughnuts (circular wheel spins)

Inside the giant inflatable pod's dimly lit, smoke-filled tunnels, surrounded by high-tech sound effects, have the laser gun at the ready and employ the best strategy to score the highest number of hits.

Single seater 614cc racing buggy. Applications: Team building. Likes: Going from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds.  Dislikes: Travelling slowly.

The good thing about these climbing walls is that you never get more than about two feet off the ground. This computerised climbing wall rotates, tilts and spins simultaneously adapting itself to suit all abilities.

These 2 wheeled, self balancing, environmentally friendly machines take riding to a whole new level. The Segway requires no special skills as it takes care of the balancing, and virtually anyone can use one. With street based and off-road machines available, there are a multitude of activities Segways can be used in. From off-road adventure trails, treasure hunts, 5-a-side polo and even egg and spoon races, the limits and fun are endless... 

Become a traditional shepherd and manipulate the location of your sheep. Teams compete against the clock, with odds-on comical consequences.  Each run is timed - with hilarious results.

Following a short session of instruction and demonstrations, guests attempt to command a sheepdog to round up the sheep and herd them into a pen.