Film & Themed Events

Fast cars, dangerous women and plenty of firepower. A James Bond action day provides guests with the opportunity to experience life in the secret service.  A host of driving, shooting and espionage challenges await the teams, aided by beautiful Bond girls and boys.  Anything could happen.  What is certain however is that skill, communication and a steady nerve will be needed by teams to earn their '00' status!

Inspired by the great Erwin G ‘Cannonball’ Baker, this Cannonball Run is not quite the same as the film. Swap the Lamborghini for a Cortina and you are closer to the mark.

A post-apocalyptic world of lawlessness, populated by weird, disturbed and disjointed people, no longer playing by the rules. You are now part of the 37th Virtual Law Enforcement Agency whose mission is to suppress a revolt in the Earth Western Sector.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is… To follow the elaborate treasure trail and attempt to recover a rogue agent who has stolen the schematics to the world's most powerful super computer.

Definitely not your everyday treasure trail, but if you love the film, then this is for you! Drive the Minis, follow the leads, be Charlie Crocker and steal back the gold bullion for Mr. Bridger - fail and he will do more than just blow your ‘bloody doors off’.