TV & Film Inspired

Bringing team work to life… 



Fast cars, dangerous women and plenty of firepower. A James Bond action day provides guests with the opportunity to experience life in the secret service.  A host of driving, shooting and espionage challenges await the teams, aided by beautiful Bond girls and boys.  Anything could happen.  What is certain however is that skill, communication and a steady nerve will be needed by teams to earn their '00' status!

A night of Japanese game show, trigger-happy filled moments, where your staff compete in live challenges and pre-filmed bizarre stunts - everyone gets to bet on the outcome.

We asked 100 people… Taking its lead from the classic 80s TV game show, we present Business Family Fortunes; an interactive panel show event, providing between thirty minutes and an hour of cheesy game show fun. Complete with glitzy host; this classic family game show is a winner as a team bonding exercise or for any company wanting to reward staff members. 

Know your bog standard pottery from your Portmeirion? Show off your knowledge or brilliant bluffing in this antiques dating game.



Inspired by the great Erwin G ‘Cannonball’ Baker, this Cannonball Run is not quite the same as the film. Swap the Lamborghini for a Cortina and you are closer to the mark.

An unholy marriage of TVs 'Dragons' Den' and 'The Apprentice' pits teams head-to-head, to ensure only the fittest survives.

Would you be brave or barmy enough to eat witchetty grubs, maggots or sheep’s eyeballs?

Fancy becoming a pop or rock star for the evening, and showcasing your secret performing talents to your colleagues? Then this is the event for you! Based on the popular musical reality competition TV show, which originated in America and has now been bought to the UK, this concept involves lip syncing to some of your favourite tracks, along with dancers, costumes and props, to a crowd off of excitable colleagues! 

A post-apocalyptic world of lawlessness, populated by weird, disturbed and disjointed people, no longer playing by the rules. You are now part of the 37th Virtual Law Enforcement Agency whose mission is to suppress a revolt in the Earth Western Sector.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is… To follow the elaborate treasure trail and attempt to recover a rogue agent who has stolen the schematics to the world's most powerful super computer.

A plethora of challenges stand between your team and the conquering of the Crystal Labyrinth.  Battling through skill, physical, or mental activities, teams will apply all their resources and skills to gain coloured crystals

Only 6 games stand between you and winning, the games are simple, but when played inside The Cuboid, everything changes! Will you beat The Cuboid? 

An epic best-seller based trail. You’re sitting on a park bench, minding your own business and drinking a cappuccino when a tweed jacketed man approaches you. With urgency in his voice, he tells of a quarrel between the Vatican and an enigmatic underground society. Someone’s even gone and gotten killed over it! The police are asking for help to solve the murder and uncover a mysterious secret.  Time to embark on a Da Vinci Code adventure!

You’ve seen the film, now live the experience. You’ll have just a few short hours to use your cunning, teamwork and improvisation skills to escape a high security POW camp. The chances are that not all of your team will make it. Sacrifices will have to be made and new skills quickly learnt.

Definitely not your everyday treasure trail, but if you love the film, then this is for you! Drive the Minis, follow the leads, be Charlie Crocker and steal back the gold bullion for Mr. Bridger - fail and he will do more than just blow your ‘bloody doors off’.

Take part in the ultimate battle of the bands to secure fame, fortune and a lifelong priority pass to the front of the photocopier queue. Test your vocal chords, strut your stuff and win over the judges in this complete package of music, stardom, collaboration and company values. The search is on to find The NeXt Factor!

“You are the Sleekest Wink…goodbye.” A team game based loosely on the TV show and hosted by our formidable game show host. Answer the quick fire questions correctly and maintain the link in the chain, banking as much money as you can along the way. Who will be condemned to the long walk of shame as your “Sleekest Wink”?

Walk down a high street in a bumble bee costume, order a pub drink dressed in a pink leotard, cram 15 people into a Vauxhall Corsa. You are the star of this fantastic film making event!