An epic best-seller based trail. You’re sitting on a park bench, minding your own business and drinking a cappuccino when a tweed jacketed man approaches you. With urgency in his voice, he tells of a quarrel between the Vatican and an enigmatic underground society. Someone’s even gone and gotten killed over it! The police are asking for help to solve the murder and uncover a mysterious secret.  Time to embark on a Da Vinci Code adventure!

The Da Vinci Code is tailored to your needs, and can be based in any city. For extra authenticity you could base the trail in London or Paris, or both! Assembled at a well known city location, teams are briefed and each given a different cryptic clue to solve. The answers to these clues will reveal other historical landmarks or buildings, and teams make their way to these points in the city.

Along the route, teams are met by a series of clues, puzzles or challenges, which when successfully tackled reward them with information or points. These puzzles may be linked to the Da Vinci Code book – try your hand at cracking a Da Vinci ‘cryptex’. The solutions to these puzzles and clues will guide teams across city locations.


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