Pre Event Engagement

Build a sense of excitement in the run up to your event, give greater impact to your message and create a lasting impression with an effective pre event engagement campaign.

Our creative consultants will work with you to create a plan that matches the profile of your audience, highlights the importance of your message and achieves your desired result.

Costs are dependent on allocated design time. For a free initial consultation, give us a call.

Use our experience to help you with pre-event reading for an insight into running a successful event and let our Case Studies help you maximise the return on your investment.



Professional, quality, creative invitations that will reflect your brand, your theme and conference messages, and provide consistency through all communications.





We can design bespoke, comprehensive brochures in a wide range of styles which maintain the event identity, whilst offering clear and concise delegate information.

A huge symbolic gesture of leaving your baggage at the door is turned into a wonderful surprise as your bags are whisked away, taken to your room and adorned with ribbons and a personal message from the MD.

Ease the burden of response and save on administration, paperwork and postage costs. We will design creative, in-brand, on-message email invitations, monitor response, and create a secure event database for the response data.



 We can create an Event App for your event with all the information your attendees need. Conference materials, speaker information, presentation details and sponsor information can all be updated in real time and accessed by your attendees on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Your Event App can also include powerful networking tools so your visitors can get the most from attending your event.

Event information web sites give access to practical pre-event information such as getting there and the event itinerary. You can also boost pre-event involvement with opportunities to post questions for the leadership team, or to vote for a preferred evening entertainment option.



From mailing invitations to managing an electronic invitation system, we are able to manage the entire invitation process. This includes response collation, feedback, provision of detailed reports and receipt of guests or delegates.



What does your audience actually want from your event? Maximise interest, involvement and relevance of content through the use of pre-event questionnaires and research.


Raise the awareness, increase the 'buy-in', and build the 'buzz' in advance of your event with the use of creative teasers for delegates, and posters for display around your offices.


Our in-house studio can design and produce bespoke delegate registration and information packs - to ensure you communicate key information to your guests, in brand and with a clear, consistent message.



Reinforce the learning, focus and networking opportunities of any conference, meeting or shared experience. A year book can give the working details of all present and acknowledge their contributions to the conference.

We design and manage in-brand, on-message, electronic web registration sites for the internet or your intranet. These sites link to a secure event database which holds response data such as attendance, dietary requirements and accommodation needs.