Teamwork Challenges

Pull together in order to defuse a dangerous explosive, sink an enemy warship or negotiate a giant spider's web.  Mix and Match Teamwork Challenges are enjoyable, inventive and ultimately enlightening activities, especially designed and delivered to bolster team cohesion and promote unity.

Either combine a range of these short challenges to create one big team building extravaganza, or use them as stand alone side-shows to add an element of team building to a larger event. 

Thorough facilitating, debriefing and feedback can enhance the key learning points of each of these challenges - ensuring SMARTA goals go back to the organisation.

Ideal for groups of 16 to 1000+!

Erect your tent as quickly as possible. To make things difficult your tent erectors are blindfolded and will need to follow your instructions. Planning, communication, delegation, time management and leadership will help to get the tent up before it rains.

Time is ticking away and your team must diffuse the bomb or risk KABOOM! Utilise good communication, problem solving, planning and a steady hand to filter information, decipher riddles to identify the correct sequence to defuse the bomb.

Caricaturing is about observing detail and transferring it accurately to the sketch. The success and efficiency of a business can depend on its attention to detail. Focusing on creativity, this workshop outlines the basics of cartoon sketching and techniques of caricaturing.


A challenging task that will test teamwork to its limits!

This challenge requires detailed explanation and careful listening, as well as strategic questioning and formulation of a concise plan.

The challenge is to tie three figure of eight knots in the piece of rope in front of you, one at each end and one in the middle ... one hand on the rope at all times and a glass of water in the other.

Balance height against strength when building the tallest giraffe possible out of newspaper and sticky tape. Will your planning and teamwork pay off? Will your giraffe stand by itself for at least 10 seconds?

Looked forward to that long cool G&T all day? Mixing your drink will not be easy, as you must concoct the perfect G&T using some strange equipment and materials. A physical challenge which will test your delegation and lateral thinking.

A life-size puzzle laid out before your very eyes but you don’t know what the finished result should look like. Under the guidance of your leader your team must fit all the pieces together. Communication is key as is leadership, delegation and time management.

Creative teamwork with plenty of lateral thinking involved. Can your team build a human machine that has moving parts, has a name and makes a noise? Great fun watching your team members try to imitate a car wash or a snow plough!

Divide your team into two, grab some musical instruments and create your own communication system. Your ‘blind’ human sheep must trust you to herd them safely to their pen - avoiding contaminated droppings, gullies and the big bad wolf.

Outdo your competition to build a self-propelled, trigger released vehicle. Careful communication, planning and time management will hopefully help you to win the day.

Laid out before your team is a minefield. Harnessed together, it is your task to get all your team members across to the other side…..safely. Test out your leadership, communication and steady feet!

Without speaking, teams must construct four squares from 24 randomly shaped sections. If you do talk then it’s off to the sin bin for a minute. Good communication and patience will help!

Clear communication directs your blindfolded partner through a minefield. Score points along the way. Trust your colleagues to get you through without any penalties, in the allotted time.

You're outside and challenged to launch an egg. An eggstraordinary challenge to build a freestanding launch pad for your precious egg. This challenge eggsamines your planning, lateral thinking and team dynamic. Eggcell and eggceed or get egg on your face.

Your team’s challenge is to capture a list of 30 objects on film with a camera. However you are limited to 12 pictures.  Plan carefully and think laterally on how to capture them all.  Extra points for creativity and artistic interpretation.

Reminiscent of teenage magazine Jackie and Take a Break, teams must create their own photo-story case study. Complete with speech bubbles your photo story will harness your creative thought and teamwork.

How did they do it? How long did it take for the pyramid to be built? All these questions remain unanswered. Leadership and communication will help your team solve the puzzle of ‘on which day was the pyramid completed?’

A communicator describes for the interpreter, who must draw as many objects as possible. With the clock ticking your team will have to guess what on earth you are drawing.

Toxic heavy water must be broken down into manageable parts. Spill any and you could create a nuclear contamination. Clear communication, planning, delegation as well as steady hands are of the utmost importance.

This is a team challenge making use of lateral thinking, teamwork and planning to build a rocket launcher.

The safe in front of you only has one combination; the clock is ticking and your team can’t crack it.....! Careful planning, problem solving and delegation will help you succeed.

Maximise your communication skills by really getting to know your colleagues in this game of moral dilemmas. Converse, laugh, explain decisions and cover interesting and bizarre topics.

Four people, facing in different directions on two giant skis must, through co-ordination, teamwork and balance, manoeuvre themselves around a slalom course. Sound frustrating? It is!

Negotiate the Spider’s Web. Encouraging trust and teamwork, each team must pass through the web without touching the threads. Touch the web and be devoured by the mutant giant spider … well that or you can start again!

Bring back those early childhood memories. Your team must plan and communicate well to construct the tallest tower out of toy bricks against the clock.