Facilitated Break Outs

Perfect for reflection and contemplation: The practical exercises in facilitated break outs allow conference participants to absorb key messages and information effectively. We can also link these to leadership and team development programmes. 

Have the facts and the messages from your conference sunk in?  Test your delegates’ memories with a conference quiz based on the bright and fast moving 1970’s childrens’ programme “Runaround”.

Steven Covey’s successful book is turned into a three hour break out session. This is a journey through metaphor and example; which includes coaching about taking the intiative, creating mutually beneficial solutions, synergising and self renewal.

This facilitated conference 'break out' session enables gathering of opinion and clarification of your teams’ understanding of your brand and company values.

Just what is it that makes a great brand? What have been the greatest brands in history? As legal teams you must prepare a case for or against famous brands and take the stand in this intense courtroom drama. 

Effective communication comes in many forms. These practical tasks ensure that teams must use various forms of communication to achieve ultimate success.

An imaginative break out session that encourages delegates to use a different part of their brain and provides them with a ‘mental break’ from the conference. The subject matter can reflect the topics and goals of the meeting or can be chosen purely for fun!

It's all about body language.  If you can flirt well in your private life, why not adapt the basic body language techniques to your business life too?  Learn the psychological skills enabling you to unleash charisma and create scintillating conversation at the drop of a hat and reap the professional benefits too.

Just what is it that makes a great leader? Who were truly the greatest leaders in history?  As legal teams you must prepare a case for or against famous leaders and take the stand in this intense courtroom drama.

The Maasai overcome challenges by utilising the strength of their culture, a culture based on long term solutions rather than quick short term fixes. Learn how this culture can be brought into any business facing the challenges of the modern day business environment.

With an emphasis on manufacturing and retail, your teams must focus on developing a product for a ‘real life’ launch.

Step into the customers’ shoes to consider the total experience and each 'touch point' with your organisation. Consider the physical and emotional aspects of the journey and most importantly highlight and plan how to fill the 'white spaces'.

Taking on roles reflecting real life marketing, customer and sales situations, participants develop valuable skills through hands-on practical tasks.

An interactive workshop using state of art memory techniques designed to help you remember effortlessly the names of business partners, important dates and personal details. Learn techniques that instantly help to form stories that will stick in your head to make anything stand out.

Using Edward de Bono’s 6 Hat Model, the group will go through a creative workshop in a no holds barred environment that encourages ‘disciplined’ free thinking. Create new routes to market and overcome internal issues. Edward de Bono is the originator of the concept and format tools of Lateral Thinking, which is now a part of language enjoying entry in the Oxford Dictionary.  He is regarded by many as the leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill.

Never underestimate the power of creativity and innovation. With help from an expert facilitator, delegates are encouraged to brainstorm their thoughts for the development of their company. These ideas are then refined and put through a voting system until there is one solid idea for growth to initiate back in the workplace.

Stephen Grindle presents a motivational seminar to promote awareness of your 'clown persona' and show how it can help your own motivation and challenges, both in business and every day life.  He demonstrates how we can use the valuable source of our own personalities to promote growth, learning, and connection with the world around us … and to have fun and communicate with each other.

This workshop is a powerful injection of inspiration from Jim Lawless. Learn how to tame frustrations, how to transfer passion and emotion, and how to take people on a metaphorical journey. We all have tigers to tame. This solution is based on timeless truths that Jim has put into practice, and that you can too.