Logic & Problem Solving



The challenge is simple - to deliver a product to a customer. Of course the reality is never as simple as it first appears. Bridging the Gap is challenging, frustrating and fun – just like work

Chain Reaction demonstrates the importance of communication, negotiation, co-operation, inter- and intra-team working and importantly the ‘knock-on’ effect of your actions.

Enter the parallel universe of Global Enterprises, a larger than life caricature of the business world. Experience eight years of changing information, decision-making and managing expectation, running a company over two to three hours.

Multi Training Aids (MTA) can be applied to a huge amount of team based tasks and challenges. Able to be tailored to address any business issues or skill aptitudes, MTA Challenges are superb avenues for the development for teams or individuals.


The Wave works as a great ice breaker activity, to get participants involved and warmed up, highlighting the importance of effective communication and teamwork as a whole in order to achieve best results.

Command an army from one of the most famous battles in history, outclass Alexander the Great, be crushed by Julius Caesar, or wage war for 100 years. Enter the virtual battle zone as we utilise computer generated graphics and the latest in computer software to recreate history.