Production Options

We specialise in delivering compelling creative solutions to enhance the look and feel of your event. Whatever your requirements, you can count on MotivAction to provide you with a selection of superb and workable solutions within the budget you have allocated.

A voting keypad is a great way to improve delegate interaction and participation.  Each member of the audience will be provided with a handheld voting keypad which they can then use to  vote on a topic shown on the screen. Once each attendee has voted anonymously, the answers are immediately available to the speaker.  

Use our expertise to help choreograph your event seamlessly and effectively to deliver your message. Careful planning and choreography enables the greatest possible impact.


Delegate Messaging is an interactive conference messaging system providing concise, continuous, real-time feedback. Besides its original and most powerful use which allows delegates and speakers to interact throughout an event via a convenient wireless handheld device, it has many new and varied features from data capture at an exhibition to group working, quizzes and auctions. 

By editing captions and footage from the day (of the presenters and the audience) and underscoring an inspirational music track, we can produce an all singing, all dancing video to provide a rousing close.

A keynote speaker will add tremendous value and make your event a truly memorable occasion. Whether you want a Cabinet Minister to make an opening address or a leadership guru to inspire, we are able to engage the right keynote speaker for you.

A conference format often needs to be fast paced and interactive to engage and retain audience interest. We produce formats which captivate your audience by interspersing question and answer sessions and live debate throughout a conference.

Creating a dramatic effect in a number of scenarios, laser and light shows can be used for instant transformation of product launches, conferences and evening events.

Maximise the visual impact through animated programming to enhance your presentations, website and digital media.




Create a musical identity. We can write and produce your own branded jingle or sting. Enhance and reinforce your messages and brand through the power of music.



Your message is the single most important reason for your event. You have vision, clear goals and achievable objectives - all of which count for nothing if you fail to engage and excite your audience.

Fireworks are a great way to end an event with (pardon the pun) a bang! Whether indoor confetti, streamers, ground fireworks or a full-on aerial fireworks show, they make a huge impact on any occasion.

If you need to improve your speaking skills, or have a fear of addressing a large audience, we can assist you to develop the skills necessary to deliver successful presentations or a powerful keynote address.

Delivering the right message in the most appropriate way is fundamental to a successful presentation or speech. We provide the expertise to tailor your speech or script for the most effective impact. From corporate speeches to traditional wedding addresses, we can ensure you have the words and delivery to amaze in all situations.

Parodies, spoofs, pop video, documentary-style and reality TV imagery can all be incorporated into your custom made film. Having our own in-house script writers, directors and producers means you can get as involved in the shooting and editing process as time and inclination dictates. 

The start of any conference or event is vital and sets the tone and expectation. A film can achieve whatever effect you are after - uplifting, motivating or informative. Post conference souvenir DVDs act as a reminder to your delegates of the key messages and agreed actions, reinforcing the mood and highlighting successes. 

Conducted as a staff survey, delegates discuss what they would like to keep in the workplace and what should be consigned to Room 101.  A great interactive conference activity with a light hearted but business edge, workplace Room 101 is an original way to engage your company and improve the office environment. 

We have listed a small number of uses our clients have found for film.