Physical & Sport

Ever dreamt of being part of the most spectacular scenes in cinema - performing visually stunning manouevres to wow the sternest of audiences. Join our bespoke stunt-school and learn the ropes from an expert before trying out the stunts in complete safety for yourselves!

How will your team rise to the challenge of surviving in the wilds? Shelter building, foraging, fire lighting and purifying water may not be part of their job descriptions, but solving these challenges together provides a fun and practical way to build the team.

Always dreamt of running away to join the Circus?  Here’s your chance. Clown around, walk the tightrope, spin plates and juggle.Clown around, walk the tightrope, spin plates and juggle. 

Spend a half or full day with professional circus performers to learn new skills and have fun, whilst breaking down inhibitions and building trust. You are only limited by what you can fit into your ‘Big Top’.



It’s the activity everyone’s talking about! A wild combination of scrambling, climbing, traversing, cliff jumping and swimming. 

The basic idea is very simple. At certain points along the race runners are bombarded with coloured powder from colour bombs and colour balloons and gradually becoming more and more colourful as the run continues. By the time they cross the finish line they will be every colour of the rainbow! Runs can be anything from 1km to 10km. 

 You will be after completing the biggest, bounciest selection of inflatables and team challenges based on the hit TW show, Total Wipeout. Will you survive the Punch Wall? Can you stay on your feet after jumping the Sweeper Arm? Can you leaps your way across the Giant Red Balls?

Frantic fun, foam filled and full of folly, all encouraged by our crazy MC, teams hurl themselves through an inflatable assault course where only the most dedicated and driven team will be victorious! We’re talking soaking wet sponges, the wackiest of races and the bounciest of inflatables!

It’s claimed cycling is the new golf, certainly time spent with colleague or clients whilst cycling is where deals can be made, ideas generated and relationships forged. Whether building your team or entertaining key clients, we can create a bespoke tour from your offices, or on tried and tested route, in the UK and overseas.

When the pressure is on, how well can a team function? Find out in this test of communication, navigation and determination. 

Step into the shoes of Rob Roy and William Wallace. Toss the caber and compete in the Haggis Throwing … dressed in kilt and sporran of course.





Human board games, that epic moment you become a character in your favourite board game!

The Ninja  Warriors Assault Course encompasses the Ninja values of strength, balance, upper body power and determination. Stamina is required as competitors race against the clock to complete the course which  has up to six obstacles. The course can be modified to cater for all abilities, young and old. The following challenges are included in the infamous Japanese Assault Course: - Quintuple Steps - Stepping Steps - Scramble Net - Hanging Grips & Tilting Beam.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into Ronaldo’s boots for the day? Can you already hear the roar of the crowd as you walk through the tunnel and out onto the pitch…….

Perfect for team building, with the entire team involved in the exercise of designing and building a raft using logs, barrels, a bit of rope and not much else! Rafts come in all shapes and sizes, and it's only your imagination or creativity. Why not Pimp Your Float with mascots, banners, flags, the choice if endless.

Often used as a team finale to the school sports day. Comedy commentators available.




Relive the nostalgia of your childhood as we create a School Sports Day for your company! Enjoy the adrenalin rush as you cross the finishing line first! The old favourites are all here, Tug of War, the Egg & Spoon race, the Sack Race and of course the Obstacle Course.

Take to the skies with both feet firmly on the ground. An expert stunt-kite flyer will show you the ropes and teach you how to pull off some impressive moves. Then, presented with an assembly kit, team members collaborate to put their kites together. Which team can have their kite soaring first, and who will be the best stunt-performer?

Compete to outwit, outplay and outlast each other on a variety of team tasks. Survival of the fittest is a knockout situation. Test mental toughness, resilience, strength of character, confidence and coping strategies in a range of demanding challenges

Taken from the ancient Chinese methods of breathing and self-defence. The slow and graceful movements in Tai Chi will improve your posture, increase flexibility and leave you breathing more deeply.

Are you ready for the run of your life! Will you survive? Prepare to evacuate. Escape the Zombie hoards – the Living Dead are amongst us! Run for your life through a specially designed course dodging the undead and navigating a multitude of challenging obstacles designed to impede your escape from the menacing Zombies. Fight paranoia and spot the imposters in this action packed, multi-activity day which involves make-up, dares, scares and nightmares.