Promotional Events

Whether you have a special offer to promote, a new product to launch or are simply looking to raise your profile, let our team of experts provide you with some creative and innovative solutions.


Successful exhibitions or displays require super visuals, engaging activities and interactive brand ambassadors, as well as staff and activities to remove barriers, maximise footfall and increase results.We help you to identify what your exhibition needs to say, design the materials to achieve that result, then produce innovative visual aids and help ‘man’ your stand or display – giving you the competitive edge.

Sometimes all you need is a little spontaneous song and dance to brighten your day. Whether launching a new product or promoting an existing line of merchandise, you need to ensure that you attract your target market with the right message and with an event that reflects your brand.

Your own road show can be an impactful way to get to your target audience. MotivAction can help you get in front of the people you want, without incurring the often substantial costs associated with a large scale, static exhibition or all company meetings.

Make sure you have the right look, the right people and the right atmosphere to make your store opening a memorable occasion. We can help with every aspect of the event from invitations, shop dressing and publicity to celebrity appearances, champagne, canapés and red ribbon.