Flying Facilitators

We have designed a series of interactive talks and truncated seminars for the purpose of animating internal meetings at your offices. The running theme in them all is to make those assembled THINK, look at the world from a different angle and challenge their current perceptions. 

The seminars can be broken down into four or five sections of 15 minutes each to insert into your day-long meeting, or they can be delivered as a two or three hour session.

Become a reader of important non-verbal signals and understand what’s really on people’s minds.

Should you dress to suit your surroundings? Cool cutting edge urban offices probably equal sharp contemporary dressing, but if your surroundings are maybe even a little shabby, this should not affect good grooming. 

The spoken word and the sharing of stories are central to human development. We are fine tuned to understand and repeat tales. The nub is that great myths spread like wildfire. Learn how to communicate through stories and control the legends you start.

Based on Edward de Bono’s Six Hat Thinking and the Po Technique, each team is given ‘basic training’ in how to channel their creative thinking processes, how to efficiently solve problems and generate a mass of ideas.

A truncated version of the two television shows takes place in your workplace or venue. Lessons brought out in the session are tailored to your individual needs.

Like it or not we all possess society-shaped prejudice toward how someone dresses. Here we give an insight into how to dress to get your desired result. The session is both fun and effective, and we promise not to let Trinny and Susannah anywhere near you!

All you need to know about motivation and how to use it, in an hour – this does exactly what it says on the tin.


Get your department or staff to start giving each other honest, constructive and objective feedback. During this session they will begin to understand the importance of regular feedback and how to break the ‘silence or violence’ traps.

We all have psychological blind spots that make us miss the obvious. With the aid of a remarkable film, this dynamic seminar will teach you how to maximise opportunities in your personal and professional life, become innovative and vastly improve planning and awareness faculties at work.

Through a series of entertaining exercises, the value and techniques of active listening and clear questioning are demonstrated.



A must if you deal with the press on any level. Find out the pitfalls and learn the tricks used by journalists from one of Fleet Streets finest.

Learn techniques that will help you effortlessly to remember important dates, personal details and business contacts. This seminar will instantly improve your powers of memory and recollection.

Stretch the muscles of your mind and get a different perspective by entering the fascinating and entertaining world of the ‘Mind Gym’.


Learn how using positive language and changing your syntax will produce effective results in the workplace. Change your language and change your life.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming to the uninitiated is pragmatic psychology. It gives pupils a set of mind tools to help them reach the result they want. This is a taster session which is both fun and practical, watch out Derren Brown…

Designed to refresh participants and bring life to your meeting, this is a unique opportunity to explore the singing voice using physical and vocal exercises, games and song. The exercises help release tension whilst building awareness of the power of free voice and rich sound.

To Persuade with Elegance and Precision... What would that mean for you? Enhanced career opportunities, happier clients, or perhaps the confidence to succeed? 

Simply the most effective presenting advice you will ever be given in 60 minutes. Our expert creates a stress free enviroment and keeps the lessons simple.

To deliver the perfect pitch, present the perfect speech or simply focus your mind on the task ahead, this workshop looks at how relaxation and breathing techniques can help you to control body and mind. 

How will your company deal with: Angry customers, awkward clients, elderly people, religious minorities, disabled customers. Give us the brief and our actors will role play the customer. Your staff can then practice their negotiating skills against our experienced team and discover the best way of dealing with any possible customer scenario. 

This is an opportunity to lighten and enhance your meeting at regular intervals with the services of a professional storyteller. Ever heard the one about ‘Snow White and the Seven Habits of Effective People’? Or what about ‘Jack and the Giant Backlog’ and how he gets Sleeping Beauty to help with his Time Management?

This workshop is a powerful injection of inspiration from Jim Lawless. Learn how to tame frustrations, how to transfer passion and emotion, and how to take people on a metaphorical journey. 

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ so let us prescribe an injection of comedy into your workplace. This session is designed to show you how humour can be used effectively in a business environment and to identify situations where it’s best avoided all together.

Sometimes we are just too close to our work to see things clearly. The ‘Hanging Judge’ will play devils advocate to your meeting, questioning and challenging where appropriate. His powers extend to offering recommendations for more efficient meetings, business models, training and sales and marketing.

Discipline, dedication and practice are just three areas we can borrow from and learn from those in the arts. Discover their approach to work and tricks of the trade as you get under the skin of some of life's most productive people.

As we grow up the patterns society tells us to follow start to limit our minds and thinking. By the time we reach adulthood our thought processes have become severely restricted. We aim to break that mould and show how ‘thinking like a child’ can solve problems and help challenge current working methods.