Company Retreats & Getaways

Corporate retreats,in a relaxed environment, are the perfect opportunity to get the entire company together, share business achievements, rejuvenate the team and improve working relationships within the company. Such events motivate, inspire, boost confidence and renew loyalty in the firm.

Ideally held at an aspirational or unusual location, business content should be balanced with a hearty dose of fun. Successful interaction at a retreat means involving everyone and also having ample opportunity for casual communication between colleagues, bosses and subordinates, bringing down barriers.

Depending on the format or duration of the retreat, it should give all staff the space to reflect and interact with colleagues in a neutral environment. Often, the time provided for reflection can be really productive throwing up fresh ideas and innovations useful for the business.

MotivAction organises retreats in the UK and overseas, possibilities are endless, ranging from the unbelievably luxurious and outrageously thrilling - here are some of our favourite destinations… 

There are very few cities that can rival New York and certainly they don’t come much bigger than the ‘Big Apple’. Acquaint yourself with world-class museums, big statues, even bigger skyscrapers and good old-fashioned local hospitality, New York is a densely packed mass of humanity. It is difficult to sum up one particular point that makes this city ‘buzz’, but the city’s hyperactive rush keeps drawing us to it.

Lillehammer known for it’s natural beauty, but it also has a special place in the hearts of many sports fans, thanks to the Winter Olympics in 1994 – one of the largest and most successful sporting events in modern Norwegian history. 

Surprise and delight your workforce with an all company Christmas getaway trip. With a host of European destinations to select, there really is something to cater for all tastes and budget. From the walled, cobblestoned Old Town of Estonia’s capital, Tallinn; to visiting the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Fair in Odense, Copenhagen, lit up by Christmas lights the streets come to life with markets, food, ice skating and Danish 'hygge'.

With its endless miles of golden sand flanked by the calm blue gulf waters and never-ending desert, this emirate offers a myriad of sights and sounds for any visitor. From the hustle and bustle of the souks and the ancient Dhows on the creek plying their trade, to the rugged mountains and awe-inspiring sand dunes and sandy beaches, ultra-modern shopping malls and verdant green parks, we guarantee a trip to remember!

If you love a challenging golf course, fine wines and a sophisticated environment, then this one is for you. For an unmistakably elegant and stylish French experience, we combine the famous Bordeaux wine estates with the finest golf courses in South West France – and add superb chateau accommodation as the finishing touch. 

Visit the glamorous winter wonderland of the rich and famous - Gstaad, Montreux, Klosters.. Stay in 5-star luxury, shop, take to the slopes or just sit and look unattainably cool as you sip gluhwein.

Las Vegas, a natural oasis in the middle of the Nevada Desert, is the premiere entertainment destination in the world - offering everything for everyone! This year round destination has all the amenities you would expect from a first class resort.

Where team work, cunning and quick wits will ensure your membership to the Self Preservation Society. For a day, weekend or longer; anywhere in the world. Canada is the second largest country in the world and encompasses territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific. As well as the popular image of Canada as a country of pristine forests and snowy vistas, there are also deserts and badlands, temperate rainforests and long, wide beaches.