Take part in the ultimate battle of the bands to secure fame, fortune and a lifelong priority pass to the front of the photocopier queue. Test your vocal chords, strut your stuff and win over the judges in this complete package of music, stardom, collaboration and company values. The search is on to find The NeXt Factor!

Do you think you have the star quality to become the next Little Mix? Could you win the NeXt Factor?

After going through a vocal and dance boot camp with our experts, you will be split into bands. You will then have a set amount of time to come up with a name and a look, as well as that all-important potential hit single. Each band will be given a practice room, in it you will find everything you need to write your song. Your task will be to turn a well known chart hit into a song to represent your company’s message/values by rewriting the lyrics. Once you have the song you will need to sell it! So time to polish those dance moves and take your ‘credit card’ down to the prop store to buy wigs, outfits, instruments, accessories.

All too soon it will be time to see if you have spent your practice time wisely when you find yourselves called up in front of the famously blunt panel of judges to audition.  This could either be your vocal/dance coaches, people from your company or we could even hire actors to play Simon, Cheryl, Nick or Rita.

The judges will then decide who has the star quality to make it to the live final! An all-out spectacular show, using intelligent lighting, smoke machines and other special effects to make the performances as extravagant as possible, and to add that real showbiz feel. Who will win? The decision lies with the audience.


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