How would you make the most of a street performer with an 'unusual' talent or act?  Whether it's a breakdancing skeleton, a drunken Elvis impersonator or a mute town cryer, teams can optimise their busker's performance by implementing a slick marketing campaign.  Using creativity, communication and effective planning, the challenge is on to bring in the most money for their chosen street performer and win the mythical battle that is the 'Busk Off'...

Forget the stars of Shakespeare, the million-dollar movie stars or the television celebrities. Even athletes and sporting stars pale in comparison. The true entertainment legends of today are street performers. 


With urban backgrounds being their own theatre stage, street performers captivate all who witness their wonders. Now you can harness the power of the busker in the epic struggle of the Busk Off - all in the name of charity!


Teams are pitted against each other and take on the pressure of auctions, the ingenuity of location planning and the challenge of a dynamic marketing campaign. With cash and cash only deciding the winners, whose street performer will end the day with the most donations and be declared champion of the Busk Off? 

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