Questions about teamwork, sacrifice, resource management and collateral damage are all closely examined in this example of a classic board game gone mad!


The city or town of your conference or event becomes a Monopoly board. The object, as in real Monopoly, is to acquire the most property. The first team to snap a road sign with their camera phone and send it back to their home team at the board, own the property. 


The rest is a merry-go-round of ‘collecting £200 for passing Go’, avoiding getting ‘sent to jail’ and dealing with ‘Community Chest’ challenges. 


The result is a highly effective test of teamwork and resource management.  Who has the brains and strategy to excel?  Will sacrifices be made by the teams in order to advance in the game?  What plans will the gamers employ?  And exactly who will be the first ones to buy Mayfair?....

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