The hunt is on - can your team reach the hidden eco-treasure first - being carbon neutral all the way?  On foot, cycling or by electric car - teams race to reach waypoints.  Clues and co-ordinates can be gained at these checkpoints by completing eco-awareness challenges which will see the teams think and communicate their way across the trail to uncover the green treasure.

It’s great, it’s an adventure and above all it’s green!  Raising awareness of one of the most important issues in our modern day world - climate change and how we can go green to stop it. 


This event can be tailored to your needs as well as to any location or venue, but the basic premise is the same wherever the event is held.  Your group will be split into teams, their goal to follow the clues and find the treasure, saving the earth by being carbon neutral along the way!  You will travel between waypoints using environmentally friendly modes of transportation, including bikes, electric cars, segways and of course your feet!  At the waypoints you will encounter a number of different challenges, each with an ecological spin to them, expanding the group’s knowledge of the problem and what we can do as individuals to stop it.  To gain that all important clue to locate your next stop you will need to successfully complete the task, winning you the information.  The first team to complete the trail will win the treasure.

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