Reclaim the streets with a host of urban pastimes. Our instructors will perform expert demonstrations before the teams try it themselves. The Street Experience can include a range of different activities including BMX, inline skating, grafitti art, break dancing and street dancing. No 'hoodies' allowed.

Our expert instructors can take you through a number of different experiences including:

Skateboarding – after a high-impact demonstration from our experts, it will be your turn to take to the skate park.  Uder their expert tuition you will soon be able to complete basic ramps and try your hand at some tricks, including the famous ‘ollie’.

Graffiti Art – can you master the art of a spray can? It’s harder than many people think, but with our artist’s help you will be designing your own ‘tag’ and creating works of street art before you know it!

Break Dancing – with the help of our dancers you will soon be ready to face-off against your colleagues to the latest hip hop beats. Our experts will teach you some of the basic components of break dancing; from toprocks (steps performed whilst standing, which show off your rhythm and style) downrocks (steps performed whist on the floor, using your hands and feet) and of course the distinctive ‘power moves’, which make break dancing so recognisable.

Street Dance - inspired by Diversity, you will discover that there are no rules here as improvisation and freestyle is emphasised, fro popping to techno, house to hip hop, our dancers will take you through some of the basics for you to wow your colleagues and friends.

DJing and MCing – take to the decks under the guidance of our professional. Have you got what it takes to mix those tunes? Or work the crowd as an MC?


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