Forget Paris, London and Milan, create your own fashion line for this season! Buy your materials, choose your models and design, produce and stage your own show in preparation for the catwalk finale!

Each team will be provided with a variety of materials, given a budget and a list of all items they can purchase to create their fashion line with experts on hand to give guidance on the latest vogue! 
Fabric and other fashion items will be available to buy at the ‘Fashion House’ and all teams will be provided with flip charts, design equipment and a mannequin, essential for finishing off those creations! 
While some of the team are creating the outfits, the rest are choreographing the show, collaborating with other teams and choosing the music. 
This event provides a fun environment to highlight key business areas such as creativity, budget control, buying supplies, team delegation and communication. 
Will you be a fashion disaster or could you be the next Stella McCartney or Tom Ford?


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